‘Date Arabia’ – The Delicious Combination Of Indian Taste And Arabic Flavours

After the sannata of pandemic and lockdown, now, the IT hub Madhapur is the heart of the food space, with joints and restaurants cropping up every day. These days there’s a massive buzz around the Arabian cuisine with a lot of restaurants coming up with their fusion version. Date – Middle Eastern Restaurant is one such which started in Madhapur recently and is trying to establish themselves with the flavors from authentic Arabian cuisine.

As you enter Date, you immediately feel the rush of the middle eastern culture. They even got their kitchen made from a shipping container, which is impressive. I quite liked the place, with sands on the walkway to maintain the feel of a desert. The place has got these colorful little chairs which just adds subtlety to the whole experience.

Though the food had a slow start, they were delicious. There was an honest attempt to bring the authenticity of taste. It started with the Cream Chicken Soup which was creamy yet simple with flavors and my immediate favorite. Followed by some Pita Bread with Hummus, Garlic Dip, and Baba Ghanoush, perfect for digging in.

The Fattoush Chicken Salad, Spicy Chicken Kobideh Kebab, and Chicken Jujeh Kebab were impressive and beamed with freshness and flavors. The kebabs were soft and full of characters. The Turkish Lamb Pizza was not at par, but the lamb kebab skewer scored perfect 10 for me. The Chicken Wrap and Chicken Shawarma could have been better but was undoubtedly flavorful.

The chicken Peri Peri and Chicken Cottage Cheese had flavors which were not authentic to Arabian Cuisine. The Arabian Juicy Mutton Mandi was the hero of the night. It was different from the other Mandis here in Hyderabad.

The texture and the flavors were inquisitive with the juicy mutton; it was just the perfect main course. Their Signature Lamb Chellow was another dish which was different from our typical palate and the lamb skewers were packed with flavors. For me, the Grilled Fish with lemon butter sauce was a little bland and didn’t appeal at all.

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