Hyderabad’s ‘Oceans Basket’ – Baked With Crisp And Extra Crunch Added Seafood Spot

Ocean’s Basket The ultimate seafood lover’s paradise is in town just at road no 3, Banjara Hills. It is called as Ocean’s basket. Though, Hyderabad is part of Telangana and not far from the coastal areas, still there was a lack of a seafood restaurant.

As the name goes on, Ocean’s Basket is a place meant to satiate all your sea food cravings from salmon, lobster to prawns. And everything is going to be catch-fresh, they claim. They have got everything covered for you. The name itself self-explains their idea and is surely going to make you drool over sea-food.

The main highlight of Oceans basket is “Choose your own fish and cook it in your own style” concept. The owner Sarfaraz Ahmed who was also a great host told us his story on how he was driven by passion to bring about the taste of sea to us.

As you enter the restaurant, you can very well see the high-grade wood work life-size boats to instill a sense of sea and ocean water th elegant lighting and seating arrangement. its place! I only wish it was bigger in size! There is a mocktail bar on the other end of the hall which has got some excellent collection.

We started our tasting session with Chili Basil Prawns, where prawns were marinated and deep fried in a flavorful a rich chili and basil base. The dragon fish was excellent as well with the perfect balance of basa tossed in a sweet and sour sauce. The Hariyali Fish Tikka was the next and the freshness for of the fish was evident in every bite.

Then there was this starter Prawn Keema Balls which had Bhoot Jolokia in it. With every bite the burning surged and my eyes started to water and it was an utter nightmare for me.

For the main course, we had Fish Tikka Masala with Prawn Fried Rice. The fish Tikka Masala was beautiful and with the fried rice it was a match made in heaven. We ended our party with a Caramel Custard that had some stunning flavors!

The place is a breath of fresh air and it is just a wonderful place for all the seafood lovers in hyderabad. Do give it a try as it is worth every penny!

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