The Best ‘Aromas Of Andhra’ Region In Tempting Food

The whole region of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have unusual dishes which showcases the diversity of these two states with the constant changing realms and borders. As Hyderabad lies at the center of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it gets to enjoy the amalgamation of flavors from both the regions.

This city also serves some great spread of both the cuisines and the credit goes to management like Aroma of Andhra. Aroma of Andhra boasts of serving you some alluring pots from these cuisines ranging from the spicy curries of Rayalaseema to the flavorful coastal fish curries from the Krishna and Godavari regions. It is the new addition to Hyderabad and is located near KBR park on Road Number 14, Banjara Hills.

The place is wrapped in a traditional look from top to bottom and as you enter the fiery yet subdued cuisine fills you. Now let’s talk about the food. Our dinner began with appetizers for both the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians. But the best part of the dinner was the fresh and hot bhajji of Mirapakaya along with some Paneer Pakodas. They were just so refreshing.

Both of bhajji’s had a decent taste. Other than the bhajji’s there was Bangala Dumpa Vepudu, which stole my heart. It was a dish where crisp potato bites were tossed in an aromatic spice mix of chili and garlic and just tasted out of the world.

The non-vegetarian starters were equally good too. Each dish had its unique charm and brilliantly flavorful. The Pepper Chicken Roast, Mutton Fry was prepared well, and the meat was tender. I also liked the Peethalu or Crab Fry, which had perfectly cooked fresh crab tossed in a mildly spicy sauce.

The Avakaya Fish Fry was equally flavorful from marination with a tangy sauce. The Simhapuri Chicken 64 was one of its kind and was the house recipe. It was just fantastic and were spicy bite-sized chicken wonders.

For the mains, there was an array of Andhra dishes namely Gutti Vankaya Kura, Palakura Pappu, Andhra Mutton Curry, Chettinad Chicken Curry, and the Nellore Paya. Though the vegetarian dishes were mediocre, the non-vegetarian dishes stood out. The Andhra Mutton Curry had some fierce flavors, and Nellore Paya with its subtlety were personal favorites. We had hot Malabar Parotta and Jowar Roti with those fantastic and flavorful curries.

But, rice is the staple part of the meal, and so there was no exception here as well. There were Gongura Rice, and Veg Pulao served with some Papads. For the non-vegetarians, we had Kadapa Dum Biryani and Bhimavaram Fry Piece Biryani. The Kadapa Dum Biryani was superb, and a must try. The use of whole spices like cardamom made all the difference and added so much texture. For desserts, we had Kulfi, Jamun Payasam, and Junnu. Junnu was another local delight I tried for the first time. The Jamun Payasam was incredible and my favorite too.

Service was outstanding, and the way the food kept cropping up in our table without any glitch is incredible. The staff took the pain of attending to our small needs with a smile, and that surely is a boost. But, I genuinely feel they lack good vegetarian dishes is a problem and working on it, would be a good thing to do. All in all, even though new, Aromas of Andhra indeed was pleasant and deserves your love!

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