The Magic Of ‘Blue Shawarma’ For Hyderabadi Food Lovers

Shawarma is mankind’s food. I mean, its one of the best things that happened . especially to Humans of Hyderabad. Juicy, spicy chicken wrapped with perfect moisture in a khubus or rumali roti and even a single bite is heavenly. Such is the popularity of the dish, that in and around Hyderabad, there are loads of joints who offer shawarma.

One of them is Blue shawarma. Tucked in the by lanes of Yousufguda, there’s a huge big blue glowing board with their name. The place primarily serves as a takeaway joint, but they do have a few chairs in and out so that you can enjoy your piping hot meals.

For the night, we ordered a variety of dishes including some Chicken Poppers, Chicken Hotdog, Chicken Shawarma, Falafel, Chicken with Fries and a wholesome Chicken Platter. The chicken Poppers seemed a little more artificial ready to fry nuggets served with a mayonnaise dip. The Chicken Hotdog was more on the tangier side, served with mustard and topped with jalapenos. But I was kind of waiting for the chicken Shawarma, and I must say, it was one of the best.

It had the perfect spice quotient tucked inside a thin rumali, served with a dip and a side of salad. Almost all the dishes had a side of crispy French fries along with in house pickled beetroot as salad. Even the falafel was none less than other. The Chicken and Fries were really good, yet a little seasoning would do wonders.

Last but not the least was the chicken platter which had the same shawarma chicken by itself alongside some garden salad, picked beets, a portion of fries and their mayonnaise dip. The dish can be improved as the chicken itself seemed quite dry and being the star of the dish, that’s one thing that had to be perfect.

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