The True Glitz Of ‘Hyderabadi Daawat’ At This Paradise!

I am a huge fan of regional cuisines. The diversity in our regional cuisines exhibits so much about the range India possess. It also talks about the immense depth in terms of culture and it’s just a festival of flavors. Cities especially witness the change in the culture and places like Hyderabad is an amalgamation of so many from the Nizams, Rayalseema to telugu cuisines.

Hyderabadi Dawaat is one such place which is trying to restore the age old tradition and bring back the cuisine of Nizams. From slow cooked Raans to delicious Biryanis, the menu for the place is full of culinary delights and I was really excited to go for it.

As I went in for a dinner, we started with a serving of a traditional Yakhni Shorba, a great start to the meal. With every sip, the intense flavor starts to get you. Then there was an array of appetizers that really got me. We had the Achaari Paneer Tikka, where pieces of paneer were marinated in a flavorful tangy achaari mix. For the non vegetarians, we had Murgh Kalmi Kebab where the chicken leg pieces were marinated in a balanced spice mix. The Gosht Seekh Kebab was wonderful as well. It was juicy mutton kebabs and lastly the Patrani Fish. The fish was perfectly cooked and the flavors of coconut cream enhanced the taste.

The restaurant also took the pain to present us their special Sikandari Rann, where a whole leg of lamb is marinated with whole spices and then cooked in a tandoor. It was served on a bed of fried onions, garlic with some Mutton Shami Kebabs on the side. Every single element from that whole ensemble stood out for me and made my day. Moreover, there were also some Persian Chelo kebabs and Murgh Mussallum for us to enjoy, served along with their range of condiments.

The Rann was not enough and the restaurant decided to bring more stuff for us. We had Gosht Masala, Achari Chicken and Nargisi Kofta all of which was served alongside with some piping hot Stuffed Kulchas and flaky Garlic Naans. The Nargisi Kofta was my favourite of the night. It just had the right balance of flavors and made me go gaga over it. The Gosht Masala was spicy but the Achari Chicken was incredible too. Desserts like Gil-e-Firdaus and Fruit Salad marked the end of our meal.

In a nutshell, the true culture and authentic flavors of Hyderabad is being exhibited here. So, Hyderabadi Dawaat should absolutely be in your bucket list! Go give them a visit!

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