The Ultimate Arabic Food Experience In ‘Cabrito Al Mataam’ In Hyderabad

The moment one thinks about mandi old city comes into the mind. With majority of the corporates dwelling towards the other side of the city and given to their crazy work schedules it gets difficult for them to travel that far. Vinayak Nagar in Gacchibowli is one such area which can easily be termed as a foodie paradise as it is laden with so many outlets.

One such new place which has come in this vicinity is for all the mandi lovers out there, Cabrito Al Mataam. This place is here to crave your Arabian food cravings without having to travel far.

My dinner started with their in house recommendation of starters, Grilled Chicken, Tangdi Kebab and Dry Fried Prawns and all three were done well. The prawns did not appeal me that much and tasted average, however tangdi kebab were really good with mild flavors and juicy chicken legs. My favorite one had to be grilled chicken as the meat was very tender with a crispy outer layer, this paired with pepper infused garlic hummus is something to vouch for.

Post the appetizers it was time to try their mandi. We had Mutton Special Mandi which I must say was quite enormous in size. The rice was cooked to perfection but did lack the richness and glaze of mutton stock. The mutton used in this was perfectly cooked and had the same flavors and style as that of the original. The next in line was Chicken Khabsa, which scored some brownie points on the visual appeal but failed in taste as the rice was under cooked.

Even though khabsa had a different flavor than the ones we are usually used to I kind of liked it. The khabsa rice was on the spicier side and had some good amount of pepper but became really salty when tried along with chicken pieces as both of them were well seasoned with spices. My recommendation here would be to tone down the spices in the meat a little especially when served along with flavored rice.

Though I am not a dessert person but when it comes to Qubani ka Meetha I am all game for it and same was the case here too. The sweetness was not overpowering and tasted well. The next dessert was Kunafeh and it would have been perfect for a person who might not have tasted the original preparation but it definitely missed authenticity and could be improved, so was the case with Kaddu Ki Kheer as it lacked flavors and had a scope of improvement.

The best part about this place are the owners who are open to all the constructive feedback and are keen on making the changes. My recommendation would be to give this place a try and do recommend any improvements that can work in their favor.

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